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Edelpro was founded in 1988 in Naples (Italy) by Emilio Ciardiello.

The Company was the first private Design Centre for ASIC design in the South of Italy and performed several designs for the major customers of its area, IPM, CAM (Siemens) and Selenia (now Alenia).
Among the others:
- A set of four ASICs for RDI family digital radar displays
- The turn-key design of the SARA'90 terminal (access control), with the design of two ASICs.
- A mixed ASIC for CEL (telephone traphic monitor)
- The ASIC peripheral interface for the Lottery terminal.

Starting from 1992 Edelpro gained several contracts with the European Community as CCM, to promote microelectronics into the SMEs of its area.

Edelpro, focused on providing innovative solutions to small and medium sized industries that want and need to design their own boards and equipment, eventually merged with its parent Company, E.D.L.


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