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Here in the Museum is a selection of beautiful audio, communication and test equipment from the WWII to the mid sixties. It is intended to be a due memory to the genius of those people, designers or engineers, which gave their uncomparable contribution to the diffusion of electronics. This page is very poor, since I prefer to dedicate my time to the restoration of old equipment: I am entering few pictures on German tube radios and other old stuff, that just few years ago were simply among the best equipment available. More interesting pieces are listed in the Radiomuseum site. A section is dedicated to vacuum tubes, with attention to high-frequency types stating from WWII, as disk-seal tubes, magnetrons and klystrons.

Equipment listed in Radiomuseum. Vacuum tubes listed in Radiomuseum.

German Radios

German radios, 1950 to 1964, foreword. German radios, 1950 to 1954.
German radios, 1955 to 1960. German radios, 1961 and up.

Vacuum Tubes

Conventional power tubes. Disk seal and micropups.
Klystrons and other VM tubes. TRs and other radar tubes.
Magnetrons. Odd shapes, acorns, door-knobs and more.
CRTs and Imaging. Measurement tubes.


Communication receivers. Audio Hi-Fi.
Signal generators. Tek scopes.
Tube testers. Mixed instrumentation.

In the years I collected some beautiful equipment, even in the shops of scrap dealers. Unless the use of some equipment was prohibited by the law, I have always performed a complete functional service, also referring to the service manuals, so to have the equipment fully operating. Some items are listed below. Near each there are some letters, giving information about their operation and the documentation available (w=operating, m=service manual available, s=schematic diagram available).

Audio Hi-Fi:

 Empire Troubador 598, the best turntable ever built, about the late sixties: two pieces available, bought around the late '960s or the early '970s, one complete with the Empire 4000DIII four channel cartridge, the other with ADC XLM.(wm)

 Klipsch La Scala, horn speaker enclosures, bought in the early '970s.(w)

 Revox tape decks, several available, both reel and cassette, CD player.(wm)

 Marantz 3300 pre and 500 power amplifier, bought in the early '970s.(wm)

Tape recorders:

 Geloso G 250N, studio tape recorder, mid fifties. Tape speed 19 cm/s. Two motors, solenoid operated movements, audio amplifier with two 6V6 in push-pull. Comes with piezo microphone (wm)

 AEG Type KL25, mid fifties, complete with microphone (w)

Communication receivers:

 Collins 51J2, early fifties. Covers 0.5 to 30.5MHz in 1MHz linear bands. Single, double or triple conversion, depending upon the selected band. (wm)

 Hammarlund SP-110XLR, about 1936. 14 tubes, single conversion. External power supply (wm)

 Hammarlund SP-600 JX1, about mid fifties

 Military BC-312(*), about WWII, complete with 12V dynamotor. Several available (wm)

 Military R390A/URR, late fifties. For years the best receiver in the world and 'the reference' for every new design, well into the solid state age (wm)

 Military R1051/URR, late sixties: just two tubes left in the RF front end. (wm)

 Elmer, several models, all solid state.

 Military AN/ARN-6, radio compass about WWII. Complete with cotrol box, indicator, loop antenna and cables (wm)

Signal generators:

 Advance B4A5, British made about late fifties. AM - CW, 100KHz - 30 MHz (w)

 Military BC221N, the well known etherodyne frequency meter since the WWII (wm)

 Military I-208 (Detrola), 1942 FM generator with projection dial (ws)

 General Radio Standard Generator 805-C, late fifties. Big and heavy this generator covers from 15KHz to 50MHz, AM or CW (wm)

 Military SG24/TRM-3, 15 - 400MHz, AM - CW - FM sweep marker generator, with CRT envelope monitor. 34 tubes inside (w)

 Military SG-85C/URM-25D, 10KHz - 50MHz, AM - CW generator. The latest vacuum tube generation (wm)

 Military SG-117/URM-26B, VHF, up to 400MHz, companion of URM-25(*) (wm)

 Mial Oscillatore mod. 145, 100KHz - 22MHz, Italian made midget generator (s)

 Measurements Standard Generator Model 65-B, up to 30MHz with motor tuning (wm)


 Lavoie LA-265-A, 30MHz mainframe, with LA-265-CA plug-in. Second source for Tek 545 (wm)

 Tektronix 310A, 3" service scope. Two available (wm)

 Tektronix 502, dual beam, differential input (wm)

 Tektronix 519, 1GHz, 200ps risetime, scope. Distributed deflection CRT. A combination of unconvenctional solutions to achieve in the mid sixties unsurpassed performances. Two pieces available (wm)

 Tektronix 531, 15MHz mainframe, with CA plug-in (wm)

 Tektronix 585, 85MHz mainframe, with 82 dual trace plug-in. Two pieces available (wm)

Tube testers:

 Triplett 3414, emission tester with roll chart

 Military I-177, mutual conductance tube tester from WWII; several available (wm)

 Military TV7-U, about late fifties. Updated version of the I-177 (wm)

 Chinaglia PRV-410, emission tube tester, with sockets for most European tubes (wm)

 Chinaglia PVT-440, combined meter, with sockets for most European tubes (w)

 AVO Valve Characteristic Meter Mk IV, may be the best tube tester for its completeness and versatility (wm)


 Guildline Standard Cell Enclosure 9152/12, voltage standard, with 12 Weston cells inside (w)

 Narva SKR 2 Schattenkreuzr÷hre (windmill), cathode ray demo engine (s)

 RCA Senior VoltOhmist WV-98C, the best known VTVM (wm)

 Military TS-148/UP, the very early X band spectrum analyzer, since WWII (wm)

 Collins RT-742 / ARC-51BX, UHF aircraft transceiver

 Military BC-375, HF transmitter from WWII (m)

 Military RT-264A/UPX-6X(MSA), IFF interrogator (s)

 General Radio type 1650A, impedance bridge. Although all solid state, this was a must for every radio workshop (wm)

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